Franchise Your Business

Americas Franchising group, LLC in partnership with Wasch & Raines Attorneys at law have established franchise formations, llc.  We are a team of franchise consultants, franchise lawyers and development experts offering prospective franchisors a one-stop-shop to franchise your domestic or international business in the United States.

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We are a company of experienced franchise lawyers and industry professionals dedicated to providing a customized but cost-efficient franchise system for clients who wish to expand their business structure.  We are also entrepreneurs with the spirit and drive to ensure that our clients succeed in their mission to increase the bottom line.  We start with providing a solid infrastructure for the franchise system by drafting a tailored Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and franchise agreement for the system and then use our domestic and international contacts to assist the newly minted franchisor with selling franchise units.


We are not a large corporation churning out franchise systems using boilerplate documents with no accountability.  We consider ourselves your partner in setting up your franchise system.  You will have our cell phone numbers and have 24/7 access to the principals of our company.  We are experts in franchise consulting and franchise sales, and we ensure that our expertise is utilized in forming your franchise system.


Our team has over fifty years of experience in providing legal counsel to small businesses and large corporations as well as a multitude of franchise companies in a variety of industries.  As part of the franchise development process, you will encounter many issues that will require legal experience including, but not limited to, employment issues, intellectual property, reviewing commercial leases, licensing, contracting with suppliers, and preparing contracts.  You will be able to rely on our legal counsel during the franchise system development process as it is included in the flat fee and then have our lawyers on retainer after the system is formed.


We aren’t a one-size-fits-all franchise company.  We offer a menu of franchise development services that will fit your needs.  We have consulted franchisors in a variety of stages of development from a true startup to developing an established international brand in the United States to an established U.S. business looking to expand in franchising.  Please contact us today using the online form so we can analyze your specific situation and provide you with a cost-efficient franchise development plan that won’t break the bank.